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Strategic Vision European Union – EU 2045

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– Switzerland no member of the EU/EDU. Stays neutral and UN center of the world with UN headquarter.
– Addition need for EU equivalents for too dominant US and Chinese tech giants. Design updated.
– Supplement on aligned aspects of EU labour market.
– Underline that this is not a federation United States of Europe, as several people, organisations and politicians now want, but a special confederation of EUrope.
– Larger EU Parliament (672) and more (assistent)commissionars (16+48).
– Switzerland became member of EU/EDU before 2045.
– Russia will also become a member of the EU before 2045. Still unthinkable today. But historically important, strategically important, and above all it offers a common European future for the younger Russian generations.

– Exit 2043, now snapshot 2045, 100 years after end of WO2. This is more symbolic of Europe as a whole.

A snapshot of the EU in the year 2045..

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EU 2045 Expansion and Member States

After further expansion the EU consist of 41 EU member states in 2045.
Member States EU 2045
* The Albanian dominated part of Kosovo became part of Albania and Serbian dominated part of Serbia after new EU organised peace talks and deal.
** Northern Ireland and Ireland have in the end merged peacefully.
*** Part of Belgium, regions Flanders and most of Brussels, and the Netherlands merged peacefully into “The Netherlands” in this future vision. The other part, region Wallonia into France. Some smaller german speaking parts into Luxembourg.
**** Ukraine conflict with Russia ended after Peace Plan War Ukraine recovery of relations and growing cooperation again followed under EU support and supervision.
***** Moldova became in this vision part of Romania. The unrecognised state of Transnistria after peace talks part of Ukraine.

EUrope 2045

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Enlargement of the EU continued for a while. Brexit saw the UK leave the EU. But Brexit meant also the end of the United Kingdom. Scotland and Wales became independent states and were welcomed back into the EU. England joined the EU later too after a new referendum supported that move. Northern Ireland and Ireland merged. Also the candidate countries in the Balkans.

The end of the Ukraine conflict meant the relation between Ukraine and Russia and between EU and Russia got better again step by step. A far-reaching cooperation treaty was concluded with both Ukraine and Russia, first becoming primary partners of the EU. EU membership of Russia and Ukraine was realised before 2045, 100 years after the end of the Second World War. So happened with Belarus, Georgia and Armenia. Switzerland became no member of the EU-EDU. Stays neutral and UN center of the world with UN headquarter.

The long-sought Turkish EU membership became no reality because the resistance against it within the EU remained too strong and Turkey itself decided to chose a different course and to strengthen another economic, political and security union, the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). But a far-reaching cooperation treaty between Turkey and EU was concluded.

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EU 2045 In General

Politics and administration
No EUropean presidents, only chairmen/chairwomen of the EUropean Council, the EUropean Commission, the Council of EU, the EUropean Central Bank and the EUropean Parliament. So in the end not a federation United States of Europe, as several wanted and probably still want, but a special confederation of EUrope!!

The EUropean Parliament is made up of members of existing national parliaments of the EU member states. A parliamentary double mandate: proportional selection of national representatives also sit in the EUropean Parliament. So no more separate EUropean parliamentary elections. Representation changes after national elections. The EUropean Parliament only reside in Brussels and meets several times a year, with each time focusing on a particular policy area or overall EU policy.
In this alternative strategic vision the parliament is much more decisive than the current EU Parliament (preferable the national parliaments of EU member states too!!). It is the legislature. The EUropean Commission, with sixteen departments with sixteen commissioners and forty-eight assistant commissioners, the executive. The EUropean Council provides advice to Parliament and also has the right of initiative.
In this alternative strategic vision the EUropean Parliament has 672 members, 16 from each of the 42 countries that will form the EU in 2045. With different voting weight for each national delegation. Legislation is drafted, discussed and decided upon in the separate parliamentary committees (minimum 16, 1 per department) with its own independent chairman. This is followed by a plenary vote where all parliamentarians are present and vote. Voting by absolute majority, three-quarters or in a limited number of areas still unanimously.

EU treaties that transfer national competences are only adopted if there is a two-thirds majority in national parliaments. Restraint in relation to far-reaching international free trade agreements. The EU’s core values ​​are absolutely leading in this respect, to strengthen and maintain its own credibility.

Remittance to the EU is a fixed percentage of GDP, which is the same for all member states. EU member states that do not comply with rules or budget agreements should be suspended. The EU must budget more transparently and also account for that budget per country.

The free movement of employees within the European Union has been restricted for some time, work permit needed again. The conditions required for this free movement…such as a more level economic playing field and a common language…were not yet present. Steps in that direction, such as the active equalisation of wages within the EU and the learning of a common language, Euranto, have been taken and are being further strengthened.

As far as the Euro is concerned, the Stability and Growth Pact remain guiding and strictly enforced. Groups of countries within the EU can proceed with further integration than elsewhere in the EU.

Both financially and with legislation and policy (e.g. protection schemes), equivalents within the EU of the far too dominant American and Chinese tech companies such as Google, Apple, Meta/Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, TikTok, Alibaba and their products, browsers or operating systems for computers and mobile phones.

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Common language
EUrido (modernised version of Esperanto/Ido, which has a high symbolic historic value for Europe in view of its Jewish creator Leyzer Zamengov) has become the EU main language. In addition to the national and regional languages she will be included in the basic package at all (lower) schools within the EU.

In addition to the own national flag, the EU flag is showed on government buildings and in Parliaments of the EU member states. This is to strengthen the EUropean identity without neglecting national identity(ies) and certainly not a development towards a United States of Europe. Which I believe is undesirable. 41093730_303

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EU 2045 Security and Defence

No independent EU army is formed but a number of steps made to a very close cooperation and a new security organisation and structure, the European Defence Union (EDU). Similar to the NATO structure (old-style). EDU headquarter in Strasbourg.

Link > Strategic Vision The EUropean Defence Union – EDU
Link > Vision EUropean Defence Union – EDU Forces 2045


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