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Strategic Vision Northern Alliance Treaty Organisation – NATO 2045

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– In 2045, NATO will no longer exist. Even though it now thinks to be alive again because of the conflict in Ukraine after the French president Macron recently called NATO brain death…now the EU seems to become brain death after taking a wrong turn. But this is an illusionary phase…just like the previously claimed NATO successes of its missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria..and so now Ukraine. The organisation took the wrong turn by collaborating with US and UK and their sympathisers in their egocentric nationalistic project against Russia..and the EU(!!). And will, unlike the EU, not be able to come back and recover from that. So Strategic Vision Northern Alliance Treaty Organisation – NATO 2045
– Singapore included. Plus NATO 2045 map.
– Switzerland became member of the EU/EDU but not of NATO.

– Exit 2043, now snapshot 2045, 100 years after end of WO2. This is more symbolic of Europe as a whole.
– Turkey left NATO.

NATO in a snapshot of the year 2045..

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NATO 2045 Expansion

NATO still is an important collective defence organisation and coalition. To keep Europe, US, and Canada closely connected and the strong historical relation alive. Expanded with more like wise countries in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. And still with strong political and military relations and close cooperation with other like wise countries in other parts of the world. A collective defence organisation of countries with a combined population of nearly 1.5 billion.


The EU created its own defence structure with EDU. All (new) EU member states decided independently if they stay or also became member of NATO, next to the USA and Canada. All except Switzerland did before 2045.


Turkey decided to leave NATO after increasing differences of strategic interest and opinion with the US and the EU and the continued postponement of a Turkish EU membership. And to focus on the further development and strengthening of the political, economic and security cooperation within the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). (probably with a new name in 2045..)


When the relations got better after an acceptable peace plan ended the Ukraine War and democratic reforms were achieved Russia, Ukraine and Belarus also became NATO member.


The membership of other countries in the Northern Hemisphere of the world were realised. Georgia, Armenia at the corner of Europe. Mongolia and also Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan and Singapore became members of NATO. Out of common concern about the growing threat of communist totalitarian superpower China.


Although they are not located in the Northern Hemisphere, membership of Australia and New Zealand has been accepted given the close and strong social-cultural connection with many other member states of NATO.


Good to remember the remaining art. 5 clause and demands for democracy and state of law can mean apparently suitable countries (still) not being an acceptable candidate for membership.

Apart from diplomatic contacts, there are no NATO cooperation programs any more with dictatorships and totalitarian states. This to the core values and the credibility of NATO.

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NATO 2045 (re)Name

Seeing the expansion with more countries outside the north Atlantic area a new name became more appropriate, so NATO henceforth stands for Northern Alliance Treaty Organisation.*

(*my suggestion…)

NATO 2045 Doctrine and Article 5

Article 5, changed partly because of new members, still is the main clause of the NATO treaty.


NATO stayed to be a defensive orientated treaty organisation. If some member states want a more offensive operation or mission, then consensus will have to be reached. Otherwise a coalition of the willing outside NATO is the better construction.

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NATO 2045 Headquarter

NATO headquarter moved from Brussel to Odessa Ukraine.


NATO 2045 Structure and Budget

A new political and military command structure within the (new) NATO organisation was created. The EU created its own defence structure with EDU. With military HQ’s where needed and wished. Build on decades of collective experience and good practice within NATO and other alliances. With new global (geopolitical) realities being integrated.

New NATO Headquarters Handover Ceremony and Fly-past - Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government in Brussels

All NATO member states, the US included, worked towards a situation in which they spend a minimum but also a maximum of 2% of their GDP on defence.


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NATO 2045 Stationing and Training

Focus is on common security concerns around the borders of the collective NATO territory and also other parts of the world. NATO operations and troops stationing possible where needed and wished by the NATO member states.


In 2045 troops from NATO member states are permanently (rotating system) stationed in:
– Southern border of Armenia (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in the Middle East;
– Southeastern borders of Russia and Mongolia (land, air, sea) – Focus on threat from China;
– Border South Korea with North-Korea (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from North-Korea and China;
– Taiwan (land, air sea) – Focus on threat from China;
– Southern Spain (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Italy – Sicily (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Greece – Crete (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Malta (land, air, sea) – Focus on threats from (failed) states in northern Africa and piracy;
– Cyprus (land, air, sea) – Focus on border security and threats from (failed) states in Middle East, northern Africa and piracy.


Regular collective training takes place between NATO member states in and around the NATO treaty area. In Europe, North America, Northern Asia and other parts of the world. In Europe there are main training areas in the Baltics States, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

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Why 2045?! In 2045, it will be 100 years since the Second World War ended in Europe.

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