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Seeing the attacking arrows on the map…

Seeing the attacking arrows on the map of dictator Lukashenko, I am starting to get some clarity on the Russian intended “end picture” should a solution through negotiations… also with the EU regarding an inclusive European solution and vision… was and is still Putin’s vision and the answer he was/is asking for!!… fail to materialise…

Because the US, UK, NATO and their supporters here have been categorically against an undivided Europe since the late 1990s and thus against Putin’s Russia-EU vision (except Merkel at the time… and possibly Macron… as was Sarkozy earlier) this will be also an acceptable end picture for them. After quickly admitting western remnant of Ukraine to NATO (that still its name?)… and build a new iron curtain… they can continue to stir unrest in Russia influenced part Ukraine (still its name too?), in Belarus and in Russia. What a sad, so preventable reality that will become..and for the EU taking the wrong turn

So probable objective new border old and new Ukraine’s (or other names?) when negotiations.. which are for Russia about much more than Ukraine itself.. so also with EU and US (&UK&NATO) will come to nothing in the coming weeks.

What a sad new reality…

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