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Just imagine what…

(In het Nederlands) I wrote it before. Imagine what effect a large, autonomous, strong EU from Lisbon to Vladivostok, as Putin proposed in his true European vision and also openly embraced and pursued by former chancellor Merkel, French presidents Sarkozy and Macron and also Italian political leaders, among others, would have had on the geopolitical […]

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Stelt u zich eens voor wat…

(In English>>) Ik schreef het al eens eerder. Stelt u zich eens voor wat een grote, autonome, sterke EU van Lissabon tot Vladivostok, zoals Poetin voorstelde in zijn echte Europese visie en ook onder andere oud-kanselier Merkel, Franse presidenten Sarkozy en Macron en ook Italiaanse politieke leiders openlijk omarmden en nastreefden voor effect zou hebben […]

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Seeing the attacking arrows on the map…

Seeing the attacking arrows on the map of dictator Lukashenko, I am starting to get some clarity on the Russian intended “end picture” should a solution through negotiations… also with the EU regarding an inclusive European solution and vision… was and is still Putin’s vision and the answer he was/is asking for!!… fail to materialise… […]