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Vision Organisation for Democratic Constitutional States 2045

This new vision still to be worked out. This new future organisation will replace NATO, which after taking the wrong collaborative turn recently…and the EU recovering from the current crisis threatening its survival…not only remains brain death but will then cease to exist as far as I am concerned. Things could have been so different […]

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‘Intermediate score’ proxy war in Ukraine 3

(In Nederlands) And as I expected, the deliberately provoked conflict with Russia..and thus also directed against the EU!!..resulting in a nasty and disastrous proxy war in Ukraine is now deliberately prolonged. The strategic goal is already achieved for the instigators US and UK and their collaborators within NATO and EU. So why prolong it now? […]

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The EU is coming out of it’s life threatening crisis better and stronger!!

(In Nederlands) (Plus addition end of January 2023) The EU is coming out of this life threatening crisis better and stronger!!! NO WAY..NO F#CKING WAY!!! that it will be brain death as the US, UK, NATO and their sympathisers here in Europe and EU want!!! We are going to defeat and defuse the collaborators and […]

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De EU komt beter en sterker uit deze voor haar levensbedreigende crisis!!!

(In English) (Plus aanvulling eind januari 2023) De EU komt beter en sterker uit deze voor haar levensbedreigende crisis!!! NO WAY…NO F#CKING WAY!!! dat het hersendood zal zijn zoals de VS, het VK en hun collaborateurs en sympathisanten hier in de NAVO en de EU willen!!! We gaan deze collaborateurs en nationalisten in de EU […]