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‘Intermediate score’ proxy war in Ukraine 2

(In Nederlands) For eight years only?! ya right..🤥🙃🤡 “United States, Canada, Britain…other allies”…Although, as far as I know, Canada was less actively and ideologically involved in the larger US-UK project and policy against Russia..and the EU. Then more so Australia.. “To get the Ukrainians ready for this kind of war…”Yes because the US knew this […]

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‘Tussenstand’ proxy oorlog in Oekraine 2

(In English) Slechts acht jaar lang!!! Ya right..🤥🙃🤡 “United States, Canada, Britain…other allies”…Hoewel, voor zover ik weet, Canada minder actief en ideologisch betrokken was bij het grotere VS-VK project en beleid tegen Rusland..en de EU. Dan nog meer Australië… “To get the Ukrainians ready for this kind of war…”Ja, omdat de VS wisten dat dit […]