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Merkel says she lacked power to influence Putin…

‘Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended her policy towards Russia prior to the February invasion of Ukraine, saying she had run out of power to influence Vladimir Putin. She said she had tried to convene European talks with the Russian president and French president Emmanuel Macron in the summer of 2021. “But I didn’t have the power to get my way,” she told Spiegel news. “Really everyone knew: in autumn she’ll be gone,” she said.’

Only the problem here was not Russia&Putin as sugested by the BBC article or Merkel but her nationalist ‘allies’ US and UK and their anti-EU&Russia strategy. That was propably too hard for Atlantic CDU politician Merkel to grasp. Although the tapping of her phone by the US NSA should have raised an alarm anyway.

“Really everyone knew: in autumn she’ll be gone,” she said.’

I reported that earlier as the main reason for the deliberate escalation late last year/early this year by US and UK and anti-EU collaborators/sympathisers and naive gullibless within NATO and EU. Besides a weakened close ally of Merkel, French president Macron, by AUKUS and upcoming presidential elections in France.

Poor Ukraine, poor EU, poor Russia, poor Europe…

But the EU is..!!!

But first understand what is really happening now and who is behind it and wake up of the pro EU camp ASAP!!!

Worrying, though, that her statements and confirmation about deliberate non-compliance with the Minks agreements…almost certainly under pressure from the US and UK…US Pentagon spokesperson Kirby also more or less admitted it earlier…are opening eyes in now also Serbia and tensions in Kosovo are growing rapidly there now….