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Just imagine what…

(In het Nederlands)

I wrote it before. Imagine what effect a large, autonomous, strong EU from Lisbon to Vladivostok, as Putin proposed in his true European vision and also openly embraced and pursued by former chancellor Merkel, French presidents Sarkozy and Macron and also Italian political leaders, among others, would have had on the geopolitical and geo-economic situation in the world.

Like an EU that would become more or less self-sufficient and independent in terms of gas and oil from America and (its allies in) the Gulf States through Russia’s vast reserves of raw materials and also rare metals. If also via the railways and the Northern Sea Route, which due to global warming will become more and more navigable, the EU could more often bypass the southern, longer and more vulnerable sea route to strategic allies and trading partners in Asia via, among others, the vulnerable Suez Canal and many other shoke-points on the route. Enough reasons already for some countries to try to torpedo this. And they seem to have succeeded…for now!!!