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The EU is coming out of it’s life threatening crisis better and stronger!!

(In Nederlands)

(Plus addition end of January 2023)

The EU is coming out of this life threatening crisis better and stronger!!! NO WAY..NO F#CKING WAY!!! that it will be brain death as the US, UK, NATO and their sympathisers here in Europe and EU want!!! We are going to defeat and defuse the collaborators and nationalists in the EU!

First of all, there will be an end as soon as possible to this nasty proxy war that they have deliberately provoked in Ukraine with…again…disastrous consequences for the country, region and world…just like Afghanistan and Iraq. Also Ukraine, Belarus and Russia will become EU members towards 2045!!! When we commemorate and celebrate in Europe that the horrible destructive Second World War ended 100 years ago here in 1945.. #StrongerTogether #WeAreEurope 🇪🇺

From which these nationalists and collaborators out and inside Europe-EU learned nothing. Nor from their earlier destructive and disastrous projects in Afghanistan 2001-2021 and especially Iraq 2003. Who ever thought that people here would fall for it…again?!?!

And in 2045 NATO as we know it today will no longer exist!! Even though it now thinks to be alive again because of the conflict in Ukraine after the French president Macron recently called NATO brain death…now the EU seems to become brain death after taking a wrong turn. But this is just an apparent phase…just like the earlier claimed NATO ‘successes’ of its missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria…and so now Ukraine.

NATO took the wrong turn by collaborating with US and UK and their sympathisers in their egocentric nationalistic project against Russia…and against the EU(!!). And will, unlike the EU, not be able to come back and recover from that.

So the EU gets its own EUropean Defence Union – EDU to collectively protect the territories of its member states and their strategic interest in the world.

It will be a hard fight towards 2045. But we as Europeans will win…again…against this bad nationalism!!! The European Dream is not killed today…after we learned these painful lessons in our history
Nor is the European Union – the EU!!!


#StrongerTogether #WeAreEUrope🇪🇺

Addition at the end of January 2023:

Whether it will become a Europe ‘from Lisbon to Vladivostok’ as also in Putin’s 2010 vision and thus until very recently still supported by Merkel and Macron, among others, becomes, I fear, only entirely the question.

Because the current violent developments by the thus in my opinion deliberately provoked ugly war in Ukraine with…again…just like by the illegal invasions, forced regime changes and occupations of Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003…disastrous consequences for country, region and world, will not…again…be without violent effects on geopolitical-economic developments in the world and on power politics thus. Especially if prompt correction of also this evil nationalist aberration like Afghanistan and Iraq fails to materialise, let alone prosecution and punishment.

And in addition to now Russia…and thus the EU along with it…other competing power blocs like China will also be ‘targeted’ by the neo-nationalist US and UK and sympathisers and increasingly ‘contained’ or worse. We see this already happening now. Then the Chinese regime might well…to ensure sufficient prosperity and welfare for its large increasingly demanding population…and thus its own position of power…proceed to very different much more radical steps. Besides the already expected invasion and annexation of Taiwan.

Also fuelled by a then further growing and regime-cultivated vile Chinese nationalism also fuelled by the Century of Humiliation. And from there, not only against the ‘Western’ US and UK and allies, but also increasingly against neighbouring Japan and Russia. With potentially dire consequences, especially for Russia, including geographically.

A scenario I warned about before, and I was not alone then. Because of the developments now taking place in Ukraine in our Europe, I already consider this scenario so realistic towards 2045 that I have already incorporated it in a snapshot of the political-economic unions aka alliances I foresee in the world in that year. It seems nicely and peacefully divided this way, but consequence of unprecedented fierce geopolitical-economic developments in countries, regions and world towards but also still in 2045. With probably many proxy and existing Cold Wars. And so it also remains to be seen whether the US itself as a federal unitary state will still exist then or disintegrate into 2 or more parts…just as with the UK I think this is already unavoidable by now…

Needed in this time of mass formation and fierce propaganda…Disclaimer