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Why does all my gut feeling for now tell me that…

(Updated 18, 21 April, 6 May)

‘The US has deployed 150 Navy SEAL commandos and Britain has deployed 70 Air Services to Lithuania for this operation’
‘Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas claimed that a distress signal had been sent from the ship shortly after it was hit.’*
‘Ukrainian sources reported that the attack was supported by a Bayraktar TB2 combat drone, which distracted the Russian ship’s defences.’*
‘On 14 April 2022, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that imagery showed the ship had suffered a sizable explosion and a subsequent “significant fire”. The cause of the explosion was not clear.’*

Why the Lithuanian Defence Minister?! Being so far away from the location..or can someone not contain his enthusiasm because of prior knowledge?!🤔 And still no imagery or drone video of the attack shown?!🤨

Why does all my gut feeling for now tell me that the attack on the Russian Moskva cruiser was not by Neptune missiles but by US-UK-UKR SF’s?!🤔

‘at Moskva located 60 to 65 nautical miles offshore’*
‘middle of the night, in a storm’ (Source Twitter)
At night better time for your sensors to spot the launch and hot exhaust/skin of ASM’s. But at night and in a storm difficult to spot SF’s teams approaching.

I don’t say this is what really happened..missiles could have done it too..but see some striking things in the facts, circumstances and the statements and who said so. And US and UK able and in my opinion willing to do so…

Update 18 April: With the first pictures of the stricken Moskva, I do not even exclude the use of a (light) torpedo, given the apparent location of the main impact, the smoke from the chimney and the fact that the cruiser made a lot of water so quickly and sank (despite the presence of water compartments and bulkheads).

Update 21 April: ‘According to information published by the Daily Mail on April 20, 2022, the US Navy reportedly sent a P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to have assisted the Ukrainian strikes on the Russian cruiser Moskva.’

There we go…😎…only assisted?!🤔
They were there..even 2 at the time..

Update 6 May: There we go again…’US officials have said they shared information about the location of the Russian warship Moskva with Ukraine prior to its sinking last month, a fresh demonstration of the close intelligence support Kyiv is receiving from Washington.’

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