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And not realising that every setback for Russia…

And here people cheer that Ukraine has dealt the Russians another blow (attack cruiser Moskva) and evil Russia and devilish Putin is losing even more and failing in its attack on Ukraine. They do not realise that every setback for Russia increases the chance that they will abandon the negotiation option to reach an inclusive peace solution, which they still preferred and therefore left open until now, and will proceed to a total all-out attack resulting in the conquest of all or most of Ukraine. Because the Russians will not lose in this matter anyway. After all, this is a strategically fundamental red line for Russia (with and without Putin, by the way), especially in view of aggressive attitudes and strategies of the US and buddy UK.

And let this already be calculated and accepted by the real instigators of this larger conflict against Russia (and the EU!!), the US and buddy UK. Who really have given up on Ukraine a long time ago, despite their bombastic rhetoric and their support. Because their main goal already achieved. New (hot) Cold War, divided Europe, weakened divided and controlled brain death ‘competitor’ EU, and Pax Americana 2.0!! But the more negative the image of Russia in this proxy war in Ukraine is, the better for the permanence of this Cold War (never really ended in Washington and London), which they deliberately restarted in the 90s.
So this a pyrrhic victory for ‘already lost’ Ukraine and its gullible and foolhardy supporters here…

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