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Why escalated the conflict this time…

(In Nederlands)

Latest Update: 09-06-2022
– Adding reaction on EU vision Strategic Compass.

In continuation of my earlier post, I think the reasons why the US and the UK and their sympathisers in NATO and the EU escalated the already long-running (from end ’90s) conflict with Russia (and thus also the EU!!) this time through deliberate provocations to eventually Russia’s heavy-handed intervention in Ukraine to maintain its red line that has been indicated and warned about so often…

  • Departure of ‘block to their leg’ now Germany’s former chancellor Merkel.
  • Easing of the corona crisis.
  • Previously mentioned chance of Trump returning as president in 2025.
  • To quash the just presented EU vision ‘Strategic Compass’ to strive for more EU autonomy in security and defence (also in reaction on previous period of US president Trump). Which threatens and would diminish the power and influence of the US over power and economic competitor the EU through its leadership role in NATO.
  • Biden’s advanced age and thus chance of death..then his mission not accomplished and in jeopardy.
  • Diverting attention from the then strongly resurgent internal problems, scandals (e.g. Partygate) and disappointing policies or realisation of own core plans and polls for Biden in US and Johnson in UK.
  • ….What I have forgotten or don’t know yet……

Do people here in the EU really think that the US, which sees the EU as a primary power and economic competitor, and Brexit UK…need I say more…and their mostly anti-EU-sceptical sympathisers within NATO and the EU itself…that they now serve and have in mind the (strategic) interests of us the EU in the tragic conflict with Russia and the grim proxy war in Ukraine?!!! Do they really think so here?! Do you really think so?!

Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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