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Typical statement from a nationalist…

(In Nederlands)

The involvement of the United States in NATO’s common defence task is “sacred”, Biden told his Polish counterpart Duda on Saturday.

Typical statement from a nationalist with links to some kind of divine mission and good versus evil. Making a conflict black and white, and creating an its image. We saw it before with the other nationalist projects of US and UK, when under GW Bush and Tony Blair in 2001 Afghanistan and 2003 Iraq were also…

‘”Poland is taking a big responsibility in dealing with the humanitarian crisis resulting from the war,” Biden said, referring to the large number of Ukrainian refugees currently residing in Poland. Nearly 3.8 million people have fled Ukraine in just over a month, of whom over 2.2 million have crossed the border into Poland. Some of them travel on to other countries, but many stay in Poland.’

How unbelievably cynical this😖 when you realise that the other disastrous and destructive nationalist projects of the US and UK in Afghanistan and Iraq (Poland was one of the initial party to the invasion in 2003) also created many millions of refugees…also to the EU…and much worse things than that…

Biden’s speech shows again…I warned you many times!!…that US and UK and their allies in NATO and EU, have always been against an inclusive European (peace) solution!! Russia asked for it all the time and finally, after the umpteenth provocation, put the US in front of the block for that very reason!! And what Merkel and Macron and allies in the EU were open to…well we know how it ended…😔

Biden on Putin: ‘For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power’. White House: Biden not calling for ‘regime change’ in Russia. That is what US…and UK…do want!!😠 For already much longer time!! And breaking up Russia itself further to eliminate it…together with the EU by the way(!!)…as geopolitical competitor of the USA. Even the nationalist and Putin critic Navalny, who is popular here and under attack in Russia, is opposed to this and wants to preserve Russia as a unitary state…so just like Putin!! So pure nationalistic power politics!! Who doesn’t see that yet is stone blind or blindly gullible or collaborate with them!!

And Biden also addressed the Russian people. He said the Russian people are not the enemy of the Americans and they do not deserve what is happening right now and that Putin is dragging them back to the 19th century. Exactly as his predecessors did to the Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, … and previously to the Vietnamese. And we all know what prosperity and bliss this American…and their allies!!…democracy and freedom brought them…😟😖

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