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Now also ‘our’ President…?!

(In Nederlands)

Now also ‘our’ President Biden is on his way to the European part of his Pax Americana 2.0?!…which is taking shape more and more…
Europe divided again like before 1989. The Cold War never really stopped in Washington, London and NATO HQ
Competitor…uuhh…’ally’ EU divided and controlled and soon brain death…
European dream come to an end…😔

Crazy…but the longer I think about it🤔…Biden’s Pax Americana 2.0 now our new reality as EUropeans…the less surprised I will be if more and more EU countries leave the soon to be brain dead EU and even become new states of the US or in a new union with it…😔

Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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