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Ahhhaaa!!😲…so that’s why…

Ahhhaaa!!😲…so that’s why Biden’s US, UK, NATO and supporters here put such a rush on it just before and after the departure of “block to their leg” Merkel!!!🤨

Although both Democrats and Republicans have the same negative view of the EU…. so bluntly communicated in 2020…. and thus about Russia and all the way to Putin’s Russia-EU vision from 2010 (was and think is still relevant)… they apparently wanted be to stay ahead this time of the really possible chance of another 4 years of Trump😱 from 2024/25 and all its consequences!!!!😰

I was just looking at the political situation in the USA and between the two parties via Wikipedia presidential election 2020 page and came upon that of the next presidential election in 2024…..and then the penny dropped!!!!😮 Another piece of the puzzle in place!! The collective haste and vicious fanaticism and so playing with fire…as they have calculated and costs accepted, the tragic and horrific consequences we saw in Afghanistan and especially Iraq, and now daily in Ukraine… I found so striking🤨 , but I could not quite place it. Surely that was not just because Merkel had left office??🤔

Now I can!!😐 Do you see it too already?! What happened during 4 years of presidentTrump in office?! With the position of NATO?? Towards Russia and Putin… certainly during the elections and in the early days… according to the (internal)critics and many conspiracy thinkers??

But in this context especially… with and within the EU🇪🇺?? You know, the beloved ally uuhh important geopolitical and geo-economic competitor of god’s given world leader USA🇺🇸(!!)… and EU’s foreign and especially security- and defence policy?!! Something about “Autonomy“🤔 And that is exactly what cold warriors and “own people and country (is) first” nationalists like President Biden and many politicians and top military officers, their colleagues in buddy Brexit and ‘Global Britain🇬🇧’ UK, the “brain death” NATO… and all their anti-EU-sceptic supporters and “believers” here in the EU itself… got a direct rashes of that then!!!😵🤢 But ppffff😅 this great threat to their nationalistic visions and existence now seems to have been resolved… and even… downright baffling!!!!😳😧… with the help of the very same EU itself…😖

But at what price for Europe and the EU.. so for us?!😟… for our peace, security and freedom… but also our prosperity and well-being!! The prospects, according to my future analysis, are not good… not favourable at all!!… poor us…😟😞

Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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