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The EU now faces a fundamental choice!!

(In het Nederlands)

The EU now faces a fundamental choice..!!

Remain part of Pax Americana in a divided and controlled Europe as the US, UK and supporters want!

Or an autonomous Pax Europaea, of which Ukraine, Belarus and Russia will also become part one day! And what was also Putin’s vision for Russia in Europe. First a free trade zone..

And then towards 2045 a full-fledged EU from Lisbon to Vladivostok..

And together in a reformed, refocused, enlarged and renamed NATO versus Pax Sinica!

As an EU European🇪🇺 Dutchman🇳🇱 I choose for an autonomous Pax EUropaea and an undivided EUropa so!!

To then work as equals together with Pax Americana within a reformed, expanded NATO to deter and curb dictatorial Pax Sinica!!

Just as we did in the Cold War towards the USSR and the Eastern Bloc!!!

For the choice of continuing to be part of Pax Americana will endanger the unity of the EU as well as our security and our prosperity!! After the UK (Brexit), Hungary and Poland may then also leave the EU…

For the inevitable redistribution of prosperity in the world will hurt somewhere in the rich West. The choice of the leader of Pax Americana, the American president, will not be a difficult one then.

source: wikipedia

The EU the chosen victim of that unacceptable to me!! We will have to share that burden and pain together. Gradually and not in jolts..

Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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