CENSORSHIP by Twitter!!

On the day that we again witness the lying propaganda and disinformation of the Americans, the British, NATO and their supporters…because no Russian attack on Ukraine as they last days emphatically stated would happen today…a perfectly legitimate tweet of mine is seized upon to silence me for 12 hours by Twitter. I am angry!!

This was about my reaction on a message from a Member of Parliament I hold in high esteem, Omtzigt. I just didn’t have a very positive feeling about the former VVD politician Hoogervorst involved. Because he made a rather obscene gesture when he was a minister…which I posted a photo of…and he got a job after his political career where he earned 440,000 euros per month. Now he criticizes the euro and ECB.

This was the obscene “I have to puke” gesture in 2005 that I posted a picture of. And certainly in view of the current discussion about coarsening of manners in the Lower House, it is quite topical. Here his Wikipedia account in which it is mentioned and a article in which it appears…

Reaction of Twitter on my appeal in which I explained the same..

Clear!!!! I can delete the tweet but will be locked for 12 hours. Here is a deliberate attempt to censor me by…again!!…an American company. Exactly on this very important day. Yes I am angry! And this is the first time this has happened to me on Twitter! And then immediately such a punishment. That’s not right!

Just as my extensive LinkedIn profile (1400+ connections) suddenly disappeared over a year ago…was not a LinkedIn mistake as I suggested…and turned out to be irreparable…after I had put off a too jovial senior NATO employee a few months earlier in my direct messages. As you know, a LinkedIn account is important nowadays for positive identification that you are really who you say you are.. not a troll on Twitter.

So I seem I be hitting the mark with my analyses and tweets…In my little way as one man army…

Very telling…in which world we life today…that is not my world!!

The fight is on!! Within my limited possibilities. Because if there’s one thing I absolutely despise, it’s…


Old Twitter account deleted and new account started. Subjected to ID checks too regularly now….

This (last screenshot taken 06-05-2021) and almost 500,000 tweets now a memory..but it was and is worth it!!