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Nothing learned from…?!

Tragic that EUrope and America too seems to have forgotten the main lesson of the First World War. A defeated opponent (then Germany, now USSR>Russia after the Cold War) who feels unjustly treated is more revanchist and thus more dangerous than one you embrace and integrate again.

Is it getting through yet?! Germany.. despite terrible crimes of the Holocaust.. we embraced and integrated again after the Second World War. While Russia… fundamentally important to our liberation then… has been deliberately excluded again since 1990s.. and is not allowed to mention that and be angry about that?! And… how painfully… takes [took!] hard steps, because a fundamental red line, when the answer remains “njet”?!

So what we need [needed?] is an inclusive undivided EUropean vision towards 2045!! When we celebrate and remember the end of that horrific Second World War 100 years ago. Not (cold)warmonger talk of people who seems to have forgotten also the lessons of that war!!

Really?! Does it have to be Germany now [addition: at least so it seemed…but Merkel is gone and so is their understanding of and perseverance in this apparently…] to remind so many European and American politicians, military, journalists and think tankers here of the primary lessons of the First World War, the Second World War and Cold War and urge them to act accordingly in the interests of all of Europe (is also Russia)?!..Really?!?!

Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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