Disclaimer – Of course I have no sympathy…

(In het Nederlands)

Latest update 31-12-2022
Old now obsolete proposals and visions crossed out and new ones added.

Of course I have no sympathy for the Russian president Putin and his current regime, let alone the dictator Lukashenko. And their today’s wrong non-democratic policies in their own country or Russia’s in Ukraine and Syria (But with regard to the last country, this remark). As a fervent supporter of democracy, the rule of law and freedom, I have no sympathy at all with dictatorships or authoritarian states.

So I am not a dubious or gullible Putinversteher, let alone a traitor, as I am sometimes snarled at online in the Mccarthyist-like mania and mass formation&hysteria these days. And understanding something is absolutely not the same as sympathising with it!!

But I do see it as my job as a polemologist to show the other sides of the coin. Because to say that I have a lot of faith in our democratic governments, especially after they illegally invaded and occupied two countries (Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003) on the basis of a very wrong nationalistic (Bush)doctrine projects and Iraq 2003 on the basis of commissioned false evidence, with disastrous consequences in the countries and region and world…hundreds of thousands of deaths and wounded, unprecedented devastation, IS, failed Arab Springs, failed states, North Korea and Iran nuclear crisis, millions of displaced persons, refugees, migrants…

…and, it seems, also negative for my own nearly 40-year-long mission of “Never Again!!” and an inclusive, undivided EUrope

And their friendship and alliance and trade and arms sales with very wrong cruel dictatorships and harsh ethnic nationalist occupying states. Which in my opinion also brings terror and fear to our European streets

And I think more of my colleagues should do that!! But given their own background or position or interests, they often support certain of these foreign policies. “He who pays the piper calls the tune”… it could be so. I think it is not helpful to clarify or solve conflicts and so bring about peace.

Yes, my tweets on Twitter and blogs here are often short, sharp and activist in tone. I don’t think many people nowadays are waiting for thick volumes and analyses that I also wrote years ago. It’s about the heart of the story and message!! And the professionally constructed and distributed PR, propaganda and disinformation of governments and organisations involved that reaches us daily from so many accounts online and by media also asks for this..sadly..

So still, despite the tragic proxy war in Ukraine, my call at the undivided Europe by 2045!! When we commemorate 100 years of the end of the horrible and destructive Second World War in Europe. Never again!! As we also said after the end of the subsequent Cold War…but look today…

And a reformed, refocused and extended NATO!!

And alongside a strengthened UN, a new alliance of free democratic constitutional states to defend democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights aka freedoms in our so troubled world.

Ready for the challenges of tomorrow and the day after!!

Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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