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My ideal vision 2045 North Atlantic Union – NAU

Latest update : 19-02-2022

Some may think that I am anti-America given all my critical analysis of its foreign policies in my visions here and on Twitter. But I am not. As my real ideal vision towards 2045, also in response to growing threat of superpower China, is not the EU but the North Atlantic Union (NAU). That feels more natural to me after 30+ years of analyse the geopolitical developments and also our shared history.

Unfortunately, the current USA would in my estimation be too powerful and dominant within this North Atlantic Union. Not being acceptable for other larger member states, also within a historical setting.

If the USA were to break up into 2 or 3 new countries, a NAU would certainly become my central plea here. Maybe that will happen one day, maybe not. There has been a lot of internal tension in America for a long time. That next to a civil war recently flared up again during President Trump’s reign.

Although I do not welcome the break-up of countries, especially if it happens violently, it can sometimes be a solution to internal tensions. And lead to other ways to achieve peace, stability and prosperity.

Until then, America as a major world power will have its strategic interests that will increasingly clash with those of.. also ally.. the European Union EU, among others.

The then best and most realistic course, in my view, is to focus on a geopolitically and militarily more autonomous and strengthened EU (by creating EDU) and a reformed and enlarged NATO to stay close allies. Within a undivided Europe!!

With focus on the growing threat of the superpower and revanchist communist 1 party Chinese autoritarian regime. Where, unfortunately, huge economic developments and progress were not followed by political openness and democracy. It is time to recognise and act upon this. Also in terms of security and defence.

But who knows…one day… a North Atlantic Union. In any case, I am in favour!!

Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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