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One of the main reasons why…

Map-Passages-with-Shipping-RoutesOne of the main EUropean reasons why EU and Russia are becoming friends and allies again one day soon…

EPDKB8wXsAADjbU(Picture – Former borders Chinese empire)

One of the main Russian reasons why Russia and EU are becoming friends and allies again one day soon…

“The mineral resources of Siberia are enormous; particularly notable are its deposits of coal, petroleum, natural gas, diamonds, iron ore, and gold.”

A revanchist communist-maoist one-party state with a huge population but a shortage of usable land, looking for a huge amount of usable* land with a small population?! Where did we hear that before in our history?!
(*even more by climate change)

map-articleLarge kopie

So I see great strategic importance for both the EU and Russia to normalize their relationship again in the near future.. under clear conditions.. and even strengthen it further step by step after that.

And I see one day in the near future NATO forces of the reformed NATO will be stationed and train in Russia near its southern borders to help protect it against threats from this revanchist communist one party authoritarian state China, other countries and/or armed radical groups. Probably in a new cold war setting with China..a cold war that is already started!..but probably even within a real (proxy) war at some places and time.


But…all this will be not unconditionally!

> There must be a solution for the harsh conflict in Ukraine!
> There must be a new inclusive European Security Architecture with a non-provocative EUropean Defence Union – EDU and doctrine and a reformed NATO!
> Russia’s defence budget mus also stay at a maximum of 2% GDP like the other NATO members (yes, also the USA!)!
> Also the Russian democracy, the rul of law and freedoms will have to be restored and strengthened within the presidential model! putin_russia_015-e1525706003127Putin will finally retire in that process. I think he wants for a long time already. But he can still secure and anchor the treaties and start the changing process as a sign of goodwill and trust in both ways. And to show and proof that this was always his own desired European vision too.

For this Russia is given guarantees for its safety (membership of Nato) and its integrity. With a collective NATO defence structure also including Russia. In my opinion the main concerns of Russia, Jeltsin and Putin since 1999. And Russia gets the prospect of EU/EDU membership before 2045, before we remember and celebrate 100 years after the end of the disastrous World War 2 that destroyed Europe and was the starting point of the Cold War!

And yes, also president Aleksander Lukashenko of Belarus will leave office under these same conditions. Also Belarus will become member of the reformed NATO. And also Belarus will develop towards a democracy, the rule of law and freedoms for it’s people. And also Belarus gets the prospect of EU/EDU membership before 2045.

So time for a united undivided and strong Europe within a stronger EU and EDU and a strong but reformed northern alliance NATO!! Both protecting the strategic interests of its Member States in the world.

Creating an area of democracy, the rule of law, freedom, prosperity and well-being. From which it can also assist, support and protect other like-minded countries in the world or those who are moving towards the same core values.1920px-Democracy_Index_2018
(situation democracy today source wikipedia)

But not everybody in- and outside Europe liked and likes this development and more positive European future to happen. Not in 199o’s..not in 2001..not in 2014..and probably not in 2022. As not in their strategic interests! Especially the more egocentric nationalists within those countries. America versus Russia Putin’s vision is a threat to US strategic interests

But do we as EUropeans serve the EU or American and British nationalist strategic interests and their European supporters?! Do we want a again divided or an undivided Europe?!eiscw-lxuaav4ewEIsCxbGWoAEbIUd

So who will win this time?! I hope what is good for us…EUrope! and Europe as a whole! And that in the end the USA and UK (or the new independent states of the former United Kingdom) makes a wiser less egocentric decision than in the past. By supporting these reforms in a answer to the new geopolitical and geoeconomical realities of today and tomorrow. I think also better for both countries!!

So that way we can stay close friends and allies and stay strong(er) together against our common foes and things that threatening and challenge us! And closer to the core values that unite us!!


Comments&remarks very welcome!! Op-en aanmerkingen zeer welkom!! (moderator checked)

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